The Best Varieties for Your Garden
by David C. Michener, Carol A. Adelman

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“A luscious and colorful immersion into the world of the peony.” —Petal Talk

The bold blooms, pretty colors, and heady fragrances of peonies make them one of the most popular flowers, both in gardens and floral arrangements. Peony—by leading experts David Michener and Carol Adelman—makes it easier than ever...
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Published By Timber Press

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 256

Publication Date 12/27/2017

ISBN 9781604695205

Dimensions 8.38 inches x 9.38 inches

“Gardeners who already know and love peonies will find use in this book, as will those just getting started.” —Booklist

“Whether you are already a peony lover or curious to learn more about this garden favorite, Peony is chock full of useful information and recommended varieties.” —NYBG’s Plant Talk​

“A great introduction for gardeners interested in growing peonies and a guide for experienced growers looking for newer varieties to add to their collections.” —Library Journal

“If you grow peonies, this book is a wonderful resource. If you don’t grow peonies, reading this book will have you considering where you might plant these showy beautifies.” —The Gardener for Canadian Climates

“The popular peony is championed in this new book, aptly named alter the beautiful, colour-rich bloom. Authors David C. Michener and Carol A. Adelman highlight the best varieties for your garden accompanied by stunning photography throughout.” —Period Living

Peony makes it easier than ever to grow at home.” —The Michigan Gardener

“Authors David Michener and Carol Adelman combine their expertise to create a luscious and colorful immersion into the world of the peony.” —Petal Talk

“Readers are sure to become peony enthusiasts.” —Green Bay Press Gazette

“It would be worth borrowing this book just for the photography alone.” —The Sudbury Star

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