There Are Moms Way Worse Than You

Irrefutable Proof That You Are Indeed a Fantastic Parent
by Glenn Boozan, Priscilla Witte

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A hilarious and reassuring gift for every mom: because we’re all doing the best we can, and the natural world is filled with moms worse than you!

A mom giraffe is pretty nice until the fetus drops.
She’ll birth a newborn baby calf, then kick him ’til he walks.
Whenever you feel...
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Published By Workman Publishing Company

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 64

Publication Date 03/29/2022

ISBN 9781523515646

Dimensions 6.25 inches x 8.25 inches

“Glenn Boozan is a wickedly funny writer and this hilarious book is a gift to mediocre moms everywhere.” –Conan O'Brien
“This book is clever and funny and silly, but also truly needed. Buy this book for the moms in your life, so they know that they’ve succeeded.” –Sarah Silverman
“Society puts so much pressure on us to be perfect, and these hilariously horrible facts made me feel better about how much I suck. They even made me briefly reconsider my decision to not have kids!" –Adam Conover, creator and host of Adam Ruins Everything
“I love this book! It sounds like a song when read out loud, and it's so funny and sweet that I almost want to have another baby. Almost.” –Laurie Kilmartin, author of Sh*tty Mom
“Great news! You never have to figure out those confusing Babylist registries again because this is THE ONLY gift every new mom needs. It's laugh out loud funny, relatable, secretly educational, and made me feel a lot better about the time my toddler said ‘jesus f*ckin’ cwist’ in front of my mom.”  –Laura Willcox, author of I Am Bride

“The next time you feel bad for feeding your kid fast food on a busy night, try to remember that koala moms literally feed their babies poop. This is just one of the brilliant and hilarious takeaways from a new adult picture book that actually makes moms feel better about themselves instead of worse.” –Sarah Aswell, Scary Mommy

“The best book on parenting I’ve ever read in my entire life! I want to drive around to all the mom groups and make sure they have this.” –Jessie Wiegand, host of WGRT's LIMElight

“If you know a mom who will delight in knowing that the animal kingdom is filled with moms that are way worse than she is, here’s a collection that might give her the laugh she needs to get through the day.” –Chris WorthyCitizen Times