The Tennis Court

A Journey to Discover the World’s Greatest Tennis Courts
by Nick Pachelli

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A fresh approach to a beloved sport, The Tennis Court is a photographic journey of the 200 most breathtaking tennis courts around the world.

“Nick Pachelli takes us on court in every corner of the world with a sharp eye for what makes our game and the people who champion...
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Published By Artisan

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 336

Publication Date 09/10/2024

ISBN 9781648293351

Dimensions 8 inches x 11 inches

“Nick Pachelli takes us on court in every corner of the world with a sharp eye for what makes our game and the people who champion it so special.”

“This book made me fall in love with tennis all over again.”

“How had I been so blind? I’d seen a tennis court as an arrangement of lines, neat boxes, a net. This book reveals so much more: spaces within spaces, quirks and surfaces, shadows and light, and the communities most of all. What a gift. I won't look at the game the same way again.”

“A pure pleasure to read and peruse.”

“From Kent to Kenya, Marrakech to Melbourne. Indoors, outdoors. Seaside and underground. Pachelli captures the magic in this masterful book, which celebrates not just tennis, but this topspinning orb we call planet Earth.”

“I’ve been around tennis all over the world, and this book truly speaks to the beauty and importance of tennis courts, whether at tennis academies or remote public courts. Every tennis player and fan will enjoy this book.”

“This book contains hundreds of beautifully photographed tennis courts. The real joy, though, is found in the stories that unfold about each one.”

“Detailing the remote and far-removed to the legendary courts that have hosted the most storied events in tennis history, this gorgeous book lends us a lens to encounter the world.”

“Can’t travel right now? No worries; Nick Pachelli has got you covered. My recommendation: Open the book to a random page and start dreaming away. And who knows? One day you may find yourself exactly there. A truly dreamy book!”

“A stunning celebration of tennis that speaks to the heart of anyone with a passion for a pastime.”

“I leafed through this lovely volume with one hand clenched in a forehand grip on a phantom racquet. I was imagining what it would be like to play on the scores of courts around the world that Pachelli tracked down: the one surfaced with sea-drenched sand on Spain’s Asturian coast; that wisteria-walled one in Tasmania . . . If tennis is your passion, you too will be transported.”

“Gorgeous portraiture, fascinating breadth, emotional in all the specificity. The Tennis Court is a luscious Lonely Planet for tennis addicts.”

The Tennis Court is a richly researched and evocatively photographed book. I’ll be returning to these pages anytime I need to lose myself amid the soaring roar of a Grand Slam final, or find solace in the soothing hush of a faraway court.”

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