The Orchid in Lore and Legend

by Luigi Berliocchi

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The orchid is the most evocative of flowers, inspiring in some of its admirers a fanaticism akin to madness, as demonstrated in Susan Orlean's popular novel The Orchid Thief. This elegant survey of the orchid treats its place in legend and suggests the impact that these exotic plants had on...
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Published By Timber Press

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 200

Publication Date 03/01/2010

ISBN 9780881926163

Dimensions 6.06 inches x 9.06 inches

“Period color plates, black-and-white illustrations, and woodcuts enhance this wonderfully entertaining book.” —Library Journal

“Berliocchi’s perceptive and richly descriptive narrative is certain to please orchid lovers, and will most likely spark the interest of those who have yet to discover these fascinating flowers.” —Booklist

“Berliocchi’s comprehensive handbook is both elegantly written and enriching.” —Publishers Weekly

“Exquisite botanical illustrations complement the definitive text.” —Country Living Gardener

“An authority on orchids. . . . provides nice thumbnail biographies of the major collectors and botanists who brought orchids from the tropics.” —Garden Gazette

“An utterly fascinating survey of orchids.” —Washington Daily News

“This is a very delightful, readable book.” —National Gardener

“This book, which spans every aspect of the plant from literary associations to care and cultivation, is a love letter to a genus from a man clearly passionately obsessed.” —Gardens Illustrated

“There has been no better book than this on the extraordinary story of the orchid.” —The Washington Post

“This is an amply researched and richly descriptive cornucopia of orchid lore.” —American Herb Association Quarterly Newsletter

“It is a quick, yet satisfying initiation, a brisk walk through a museum that leaves one acquainted, if a little breathless, with an amazing collection of lovely plants.” —Journal of the New England Garden History Society