The Night School

Lessons in Moonlight, Magic, and the Mysteries of Being Human
by Maia Toll, Lucille Clerc

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Delve into the mysteries of the Night -- from divination and astrology to ancient philosophy and self-exploration -- in The Night School, a magical course of study for modern witches, seekers, and mystics, from award-winning author Maia Toll.

Welcome to the Night School, Firefly. Here you'll explore the farthest reaches of the...
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Published By Running Press Adult

Format Hardback

Number Of Pages 272

Publication Date 08/09/2022

ISBN 9780762474295

Dimensions 6.3 inches x 8.8 inches

Magic is everywhere. To see it and the effects it has on your life, change the way you perceive the world,” contends spiritual teacher Toll (Maia Toll’s Wild Wisdom Companion) in this fun exploration of magic. . . . The author affects the voice of a compassionate professor, charmingly addressing readers by the nickname “Firefly,” and the discrete “lessons” offer a clever way to organize the bounty of insight and exercises. . . Additionally, the celestial illustrations of psychedelic night skies by Clerc wonderfully evoke the cosmic wonder of the material. The result is a delightful program with magic to spare.
— Publisher's Weekly

Maia Toll's The Night School is a delightful invitation to sink deep into the shadowed mysteries of magic, with a design that's as beautiful as it is functional. An accessible, educational, and inspiring adventure for the modern witch or mystic at heart.

Maia Toll’s The Night School will make you believe starlight is within reach— the way curiosity, wonder, and awe have been woven together with grounded research is unparalleled in the field. The way The Night School combines steady and surefooted guidance as the reader is encouraged to wander through the unknowns of enchantment is a magic trick in and of itself. Never before have I felt so deftly held in the worlds of mystery and mysticism. This is a book I will carry with me through at least one full lifetime . . . maybe more.

This whimsical book is a delight–but it's also sneaky. Couched in an accessible and fun back-to-school format is an absolute ton of information, and Maia Toll not only goes wide, she goes deep, guiding the reader beyond the initial questions of what magic is and how to work with it, into who WE are, and how we can be more than we ever thought possible.

I love Maia Toll’s mind! This genre-breaking creation is enchanting, whip-smart, and a deeply satisfying read. Toll is a master of writing the misty in-between, using ritual and symbol to create magic for her readers. The Night School is a serious alchemy of fiction and non-fiction, and it shows us how to make our experience of darkness relevant and full of meaning. Sharpen your pencils, and get ready to learn real magic.