The New Yorker Encyclopedia of Cartoons

A Semi-serious A-to-Z Archive
by David Remnick, Bob Mankoff

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This monumental, two-volume, slip-cased collection includes nearly 10 decades worth of New Yorker cartoons selected and organized by subject with insightful commentary by Bob Mankoff and a foreword by David Remnick.

The is the most ingenious collection of New Yorker cartoons published in book form, The New Yorker Encyclopedia of...
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Published By Black Dog & Leventhal

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 1536

Publication Date 10/02/2018

ISBN 9780316436670

Dimensions 9.38 inches x 12.75 inches

"[A] banquet, too rich for any sustained sitting...What distinguishes this present omnibus is its often defiantly offbeat 340-odd categories. You'll find such reassuring groupings as "Commuters," "Desert Island" and "Snowmen."...The New Yorker Encyclopedia of Cartoons is quite the joy."

— Wall Street Journal

"Bob Mankoff's brilliant reorganization of nearly 100 years of New Yorker cartoons is a can't-miss. Using the thematic categorization approach that made his Cartoon Bank such a treat, this "encyclopedia" divides the entries into the weirdly recurring tropes like "Beached Whales," "Humpty Dumpty," "Nudism," "Office Life," and of course, meeting "Saint Peter."

Mankoff adds come color commentary to tease out common themes throughout. The cartoons themselves are lovingly reprinted in gloriously oversized formats you can fall into. Of course, at 15 pounds this two-volume behemoth is a grand impractical production that needs a table of its own."

— Folio

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