The New Rules of Pregnancy

What to Eat, Do, Think About, and Let Go Of While Your Body Is Making a Baby
by Adrienne L. Simone, Jaqueline Worth, Danielle Claro

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2019 National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA) Winner Finally, a calming pregnancy book that cuts through the noise to tell expectant mothers exactly what they need to know—and what they can stop obsessing about and over-researching. In The New Rules of Pregnancy, two leading OB-GYNs guide you, the modern pregnant woman, through...
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Published By Artisan

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 256

Publication Date 04/02/2019

ISBN 9781579658571

Dimensions 6.25 inches x 8.25 inches

“The smart, supportive book that’ll help you stop the 3 a.m. Googling. . . . [U]nlike all those hours spent scrolling through mommy forums, this advice comes from a place of compassion and from actual experts.”

“In this tribute to and celebration of moms to be, two leading OB-GYNs cover all aspects of pregnant life in an easy-to-digest and compassionate way.”
L.A. Parent

“An easy to use reference book. . . . The clear message from this book is that your body knows what it is doing, and this book is assisting you during this process. This is a refreshing perspective, and aims to increase confidence in women during this potentially stressful and anxious time. With the information being delivered in bite-size chunks this assists in reducing the feeling of ‘information overload’ which can occur when reading a guide book.”
Nursing Times

“I felt calmer just paging through The New Rules of Pregnancy. . . . The anxiety brought upon by some past pregnancy books is real; sometimes, too much information really is too much. But this sweet little book keeps most pieces of advice to a single page. Nutrition, stretch marks, sleep, birth plans, nursing—it’s all here, but it’s never more than a mom-to-be can handle. The overarching message from authors Dr. Adrienne L. Simone, Dr. Jaqueline Worth and Danielle Claro is to relax as much as you can, be kind to yourself and experience the magic. ‘Our mission was not only to inform, but to bring some of the beauty back to pregnancy,’ the authors write in an afterword. Mission calmly, beautifully accomplished.” 

“As caring as the physicians who wrote it, The New Rules of Pregnancy contains all you need to know about the amazing sci-fi adventure that is having a baby. Wise, beautiful, and needed.”
—Amy Poehler
“A mindful, intelligent guide—supportive, concise, and full of actionable advice. This is the pregnancy book I would give to my daughter.”
—Frank Lipman, MD
“A beautiful, comforting, and calming companion to any pregnancy. It’s the only pregnancy book I will ever recommend and (spoiler alert!) what I’ll be giving at every baby shower. This is the perfect How-to-Love-and-Support-Your-Already-Genius-and-Totally-Capable-Body-Through-Pregnancy guide.”
—Téa Leoni
“This modern book on pregnancy brings us back to a place we never should have left—intuitive, noninvasive, common-sense care for mama and baby.”
—Rebecca Minkoff