The Manual of Plant Grafting

Practical Techniques for Ornamentals, Vegetables, and Fruit
by Timber Press

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Practical techniques for improved plant performance!

Grafting is a long-established skill that is used to improve the performance of ornamental and productive plants. Fruit trees are grafted to control their size, willows to produce attractive weeping forms, and tomatoes and melons to enhance their disease resistance. Peter MacDonald describes the latest...

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Published By Timber Press

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 232

Publication Date 12/02/2014

ISBN 9781604694635

Dimensions 7.85 inches x 9.6 inches

“It should be on every serious gardener’s bookshelf.” —New York Times Book Review

“Gives invaluable insights for the fledgling propagator to choose the best methods to suit their facilities and climate.” —The Plantsman

“There has been no comprehensive book on plant grafting since Garner's historic tome of more than 60 years ago; This new work is comprehensive and detailed. It covers every aspect of grafting from the origins of the stock and the scion to the stage of establishment as an integrated plant.” —The Garden

“Spans the history of this important growing technique from the earliest days of our agrarian society to the latest discoveries in the field of DNA.” —Scottish Gardener

“How wonderful it is to find a book written by a true horticulturist based on real experience…this brings the skills right up-to-date and keeps them alive for future generations. When many of us are concerned about the loss of the skill set in our industry Peter is to be congratulated at producing a classic that will sell steadily and be referred to for years to come.” —The Horticulturist