The Magical Science of Feelings

Train Your Amazing Brain to Quiet Anger, Soothe Sadness, Calm Worry, and Share Joy
by Jen Daily, Gwen Millward

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Clinical social worker Jen Daily helps kids understand the science behind feelings, taking them on a lively tour of the brain to see where anger, anxiety, sadness, and joy start, and offering activities for calming emotions. 

Where do feelings come from? Are they magic? No, they're science! There is a reason...
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Published By Storey Publishing, LLC

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 64

Publication Date 06/11/2024

ISBN 9781635867541

Dimensions 8.3 inches x 9.4 inches

"In this charmingly illustrated book, feelings and the science of emotions are broken down in such an easily digestible way, children may not even realize they’re reading nonfiction... The science of emotions is explained in a gentle and kind way, leaving readers feeling empowered in their newfound knowledge and more confident in how they can manage their feelings and reactions to stressors. The expressive and bright images are reminiscent of Roger Hargreaves’s “Mr. Men” series... A great and useful tool for SEL collections, families, and children who are experiencing hardship or having trouble expressing their emotions."

— School Library Journal

"This appealing picture book does an especially effective job of describing the chemical changes that take place in human brains during times of intense emotion ... Youngsters, parents, teachers, and counselors will enjoy this accessible SEL introduction to where feelings come from."

— Booklist

“This book provides a truly delightful journey through the science of emotions, filled with clever characters, clear explanations, charming illustrations, hands-on activities, and helpful strategies. The Magical Science of Feelings is both highly engaging and highly educational. I would absolutely recommend this book to parents as a valuable resource for kids—and their grown-ups."

— Heather Tedesco, PhD, coauthor of Raising a Kid Who Can

“As a parent and a pediatrician, nearly every day I hear of the need for child-centered ways to teach our children THE MAGICAL SCIENCE OF FEELINGS. Jen Daily has done an exceptional job distilling a complex topic into a just-right resource children will enjoy.”

— Kelly Fradin, MD, author of Advanced Parenting

“The characters, illustrations, and activities make the science instantly useful in getting to know our emotions and take care of them well.” 

— Lawrence J. Cohen, PhD, author of The Opposite of Worry and Playful Parenting

"You should pick up a copy as soon as possible to share with your friends and family."

— Mommies Reviews

"The Magical Science of Feelings is a fascinating exploration of emotions, highlighting some important information and action strategies to handle these emotions in an easy-to-understand manner... Reminiscent of the movie Inside Out, we have fun, expressive characters - amygdala, the hippocampus, the neocortex, and the limbic system - with easy to remember nicknames - Amy, Hippo, Neo, Lim, respectively. The book depicts the role these four play every time we experience an emotion or its reaction."

— YA Books Central

"This was a perfect book to read on the day that I saw Inside Out 2. The movie shows how complex emotions are which segues perfectly to this book. It does a brilliant job making emotions accessible and easy to discuss for children. For each emotion, it describes what is happening in the body to make the emotion, has the reader reflect on the emotion, and has activities that help with the feeling. This is a perfect book for homes and for schools–it truly is about the magic and science of feelings.​"

— Unleashing Readers

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