The Jewish Holiday Table

A World of Recipes, Traditions & Stories to Celebrate All Year Long
by Naama Shefi, Devra Ferst

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For many Jews, the meal is the holiday

Collected by the Jewish Food Society, an organization dedicated to preserving Jewish cuisine around the world, the 135 recipes and accompanying stories in The Jewish Holiday Table are a dazzling expression of all the ways we celebrate through what we bring to the...
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Published By Artisan

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 400

Publication Date 03/12/2024

ISBN 9781648290978

Dimensions 7.7 inches x 10.15 inches

“This book carefully unravels diverse Jewish traditions with great skill and depth. I love how personal it is, and how generous and delicious.”

“Moving stories and delicious recipes imbued with memories and history.”

“This cookbook is like a family reunion told across tables that cross borders, time, tastes, and seasons. It tells our story in a way that is uniquely Jewish, joyful and sparkling with life. It’s a must-have.”

“The Jewish Food Society has rediscovered a treasure trove of recipes for every generation and in doing so captured the essence of l’dor v’dor.”

“Food is the best gateway into known and unknown cultures, history, and beliefs. I wish I had been fortunate enough to grow up with holiday traditions as beautiful and delicious as the recipes in this lovely, heartwarming book.”

The Jewish Holiday Table is a reminder that food and culture are inextricable—and our most cherished dishes endure through breathless storytelling and a deep, abiding love of gathering and community.”