The Genus Hosta

by W. George Schmid

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The first complete classification for the genus, this labor of love reflects the author's long fascination with hostas. All hostas known at the time of writing are detailed, including practical information on growing.

This book is only available through print on demand. All interior art is black and white.
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Published By Timber Press

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 472

Publication Date 05/22/2009

ISBN 9781604690484

Dimensions 8.25 inches x 11 inches

“Beautified by finely rendered botanical illustrations. Avid gardeners who simply love peonies and professionals horticulturists wishing to expand their expertise will be equally enticed by the scope of the information catalogued here.” —Booklist

“Paintings and line drawings of the plants, including the foliage details, which are important for identification in this genus, are the heart of the book.” —American Reference Books Annual

“Unveils the beauty and the botany.” —Horticulture

“A must-have monograph for devotees of peonies.” —Plant Science Bulletin

“Already a classic.” —Kansas City Gardener

“There is no other comparable book available and I wholeheartedly recommend The Genus Paeonia to all peony afficionados.” —American Peony Society Bulletin

“Distinguished.” —Avant Gardener

“The Genus Paeonia, a new book co-written by. . . .  plant hybridizer Jim Waddick and botanist Jarmila Haldova, is a resource for the veteran and the novice gardener and a beauty in its own right.” —Omaha World-Herald

“Josef Halda is a botanist who has traveled to see every known peony species and subspecies in the wild. He documents 25 species in this book, including forty subspecies and varieties. It is an especially helpful resource for those gardeners who wish to grown uncommon as well as common varieties.” —National Gardener

“What sets this book apart. . . .  are the beautiful paintings and line drawings by Jamila Haldova. An artistic experience as well as a scientific one.” —E-Streams