The Field Guide to Citizen Science

How You Can Contribute to Scientific Research and Make a Difference
by Darlene Cavalier, Catherine Hoffman, Caren Cooper

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Learn how monitoring the night sky, mapping trees, photographing dragonflies, and identifying mushrooms can help save the world.

Citizen science is the public involvement in the discovery of new scientific knowledge. A citizen science project can involve one person or millions of people collaborating towards a common goal. It is...

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Published By Timber Press

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 188

Publication Date 02/04/2020

ISBN 9781604698473

Dimensions 5.75 inches x 8.25 inches

“Writing with encouraging clarity, the authors explain how to become a citizen scientist and how scientists provide the instructions and equipment required for collecting authentic data.” —Booklist

“The most powerful way for science to change your perception of the world is for you to do it yourself. That's the underlying theme of this friendly how-to overview of the citizen science movement… As with every great adventure, you just have to take the first step to get going.” Discover Magazine 

“This book is infectious in the best way possible. In a world that often feels like it is spinning out of control, where your actions can appear insignificant and change seems out-of-reach, this book gives you hope, a sense of possibility, and perhaps even a purpose.” —Science Connected

“A must-have resource for learning the truths and myths of citizen science.” —The Arlington Daily Herald