The Earth in Her Hands

75 Extraordinary Women Working in the World of Plants
by Jennifer Jewell

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“An empowering and expertly curated look at the horticultural world.” —Gardens Illustrated

In this beautiful and empowering book, Jennifer Jewell introduces 75 inspiring women. Working in wide-reaching fields that include botany, floral design, landscape architecture, farming, herbalism, and food justice, these influencers are creating change from the ground up.

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Published By Timber Press

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 324

Publication Date 03/03/2020

ISBN 9781604699029

Dimensions 8.87 inches x 10.25 inches

“A must-have this spring season… plantswomen, unite!” —Martha Stewart Living

“A fine collection of profiles of women involved with horticulture… all of whom have a passion for sharing their love of the natural world. This volume should be inspirational to anyone working with plants.” —Publishers Weekly

“An informative and celebratory resource.” —Booklist 

“Should you be looking for inspiration in these challenging times, it can be found in the stories of the women profiled in The Earth in Her Hands… it is also a celebration of the vibrant women forging new paths in horticulture and its allied professions today." Landscape Notes

“An empowering and expertly curated look at the horticultural world.” Gardens Illustrated

The Earth in Her Hands is an enjoyable read for anyone who loves plants.” The American Gardener

“This is a must-have read… the kind of book that will lead you to find other books and gardeners to follow.” —Greenfield Recorder

“Truly a winning book that everyone needs to read.” —Cottage in the Court

“It’s no surprise that Jennifer's writing is as thoughtful as her language is on her radio/podcast... Anyone interested in a career with plants will enjoy it, as well indeed anyone already in such a career or life passion.” —Growing with Plants
“A book for young people interested in a career in the plant world or who want to do work that helps the environment… for anyone keen to read stories about plant passion and a longing to make a difference through one’s work.” —Digging

“An illuminating and inspiring book of personal and professional journeys with plants is a must-read for anyone interested in the human impulse to garden." Gardens Illustrated

“The varied perspectives presented throughout amount to an interesting conversation about plants, gardens, and the myriad roles anyone might play amid them.” —Horticulture

“A plantsperson with a deep abiding love for gardens and plants and for those who tend their plots thoughtfully and with respect for natural systems. Jewell pours this passion into her new book.” —The Seattle Times

“A moving testament to the myriad of ways in which we are all dependent upon the generosity of planet Earth.” —The Irish Times

“A fascinating read, not just because it highlights the accomplishments of women from around the world, but because it showcases the enormous variety of their plant-related careers and how they found them.” —The Wyoming Tribune Eagle

“The author’s portraits reveal a devotion that transcends age, locale, and background, reminding us of the important role of green growing things in our world and our lives. The Earth in Her Hands makes a wonderful and inspiring gift for all gardeners.” —The Michigan Gardener

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