The Dog Behavior Answer Book, 2nd Edition

Understanding and Communicating with Your Dog and Building a Strong and Happy Relationship
by Arden Moore

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Since its original publication 15 years ago, The Dog Behavior Answer Book has helped thousands of dog owners understand their canine companions and become more effective, compassionate caretakers. The completely updated 2nd edition, in a new, larger format, features the latest science and recommended techniques for training, caring for, and...
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Published By Storey Publishing, LLC

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 272

Publication Date 09/27/2022

ISBN 9781635864519

Dimensions 6 inches x 8 inches

“Arden Moore gets dogs and their humans. She knows how to help dog lovers in a clear, easy-to-understand and entertaining way, thanks to her years of experience in writing and talking dog behavior with too many kids, adults, and pups to count. You'll be sitting four on the floor with this book!”  — Melissa L Kauffman, Executive Editor, Dogster 
“It's hard enough for different people to live together let alone different species. What people often regard as doggy misdeeds are simply cases of dogs being dogs. In the Dog Behavior Answer Book, pet expert Arden Moore unleashes great advice on how to bridge the people-pet communication gap. Read this incredible book and you'll learn new insights into the canine world, prevent problems, and meet your dogs on a richer, deeper level. Go fetch this book!”— Dr. Marty Becker, America's Family Veterinarian and founder of Fear Free Pets