Take Back the Magic

Conversations with the Unseen World
by Perdita Finn

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Renowned spiritual teacher and co-founder of The Way of the Rose Perdita Finn teaches the art and healing power of connecting with the dead, as she guides readers through the magical process of conversing with the unseen world.

"Finn weaves a spellbinding meditation . . . an affecting ode to the...
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Published By Running Press Adult

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 256

Publication Date 09/12/2023

ISBN 9780762482504

Dimensions 6.35 inches x 9.35 inches

“Mixing vivid memories of her own spiritual journey, open letters to her father, and advice to help readers commune with their ancestors’ spirits . . . . Finn weaves a spellbinding meditation on how time never runs out for the deceased in prose that alternately enchants and haunts (“Were all of us, the living and the dead, hungry ghosts, prowling the Earth with mouths too small to ever fill our hearts with enough?”). It’s an affecting ode to the power of the unseen.”

— Publisher's Weekly

"I have never read a book that creates a rapport with the dead with such skill and ease. What becomes clear early on in this wonderful book is that Perdita is a rare woman who has found a way to reside comfortably in the world of the living and the dead. This truly is a must-read book."

"What I love about this book is the warm, practical, spirited way Perdita explores the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Hers is a wisdom devoid of preachiness, quickened by curiosity, overflowing with love. Beautifully written, luminous, and earthy, Take Back the Magic makes conversations with the unseen world feel obvious, accessible, and our best hope for thriving amid the turmoil of the current age."

"In Take Back the Magic, Perdita creates a portable threshold through which you can access the Otherworld and the long history of your soul. Part memoir, part field guide to the other side, this page-turning book will dilate your awareness of the unseen world and help you recognize the helpful presence of your ancestors in your life. Through her own life stories of astonishing synchronicities, karmic connections, and communication with the dead, Perdita shows us how extraordinary all our lives truly are— and how healing is at the root of deep time."

“Perdita Finn is a masterful storyteller who captivates her readers in tales of wonder, enlightenment, and magic. You’re guaranteed to enjoy the adventure.” 

"Perdita Finn masterfully weaves a soulful tapestry of stories and reflections that help the reader to viscerally appreciate the grand love story we eternally participate in through many different lives, roles, and forms. Perdita holds up a timely and potent soul-mirror to remind us that the magic and mystery of Being is always accessible and available to us in every moment. This is a book I will cherish and read again and again."

Our lives our woven with everyday magic that most people overlook as coincidence.  Spirits watch over us, guide us, and support us, and the divine speaks to us through symbols and signs, visions, and dreams! This is the magic you will find in the pages of Take Back the Magic. Perdita Finn proves herself to be both a fabulous storyteller and a word-witch, as she shares her own awakening to a magical life. Part memoir, part educational manual, this is a book meant to open hearts and minds—something very much needed in this time of global change.

"In Take Back the Magic, Perdita Finn offers practical, essential advice for those who are seeking deeper connections with their ancestors and the unseen world. Rather than something to be feared or avoided, Perdita demonstrates that the realm of spirit holds gifts for us all, and can be easily accessed when we trust our intuition and listen to the wisdom of the heart. Woven throughout with engaging, sometimes wrenching stories from Perdita’s life experience, Take Back the Magic is a riveting read that will remain with you long after you finish it.” 

Perdita Finn’s startling, exquisitely written memoir invites us to rethink our relationships with the dead and the invisible world that they inhabit. I picked up Take Back the Magic as a diehard agnostic regarding ghosts, spirits, and posthumous communication with the dearly departed. Finn’s intelligence and integrity opened my eyes to the possibility that I’ve been mistaken. This book is a  memento mori for the thinking classes, revelatory, poignant and lucidly observed. I recommend it highly to anyone interested in the mysteries of life and death, and what happens after we leave this world. 

Lean in close as Perdita deftly weaves us back into relationship with what she calls the long story: the entangled, deep time community of the dead in intimate partnership with the living. Take Back the Magic is overflowing with miraculous stories and much-needed inspiration of why it is not just necessary, but urgent, for us to reach towards the invisible world for guidance in how to remember our place in the dance across aeons. When so many of us are fearful and confused in a world out of balance, Take Back the Magic puts solid ground under our feet and a gently guides us home to trust the compass of our heart’s desire.