The Curiosities, Secrets, and Unofficial History of the New York City Transit System
by John E. Morris

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This dynamic visual history of the world's largest transit system -- in all its intriguing, colorful, and even seedy glory -- is packed with fascinating facts and hundreds of compelling photographs.
When the first New York subway line opened in 1904, it was the most advanced in the world and a...
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Published By Black Dog & Leventhal

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 264

Publication Date 10/06/2020

ISBN 9780762467907

Dimensions 7.45 inches x 9.8 inches

"With a culture all its own, the subway truly is a city beneath the city. In Subway, John Morris takes readers on a breezy ride through that world that will inform and entertain everyday straphangers, transit aficionados, and even those who've never passed through the turnstiles."

— Jose Martinez, senior transit reporter at

"In a rollicking, fact-filled narrative and with hundreds of rarely seen images, John Morris tells the story of the birth of the New York City subway system, and how this underground world of tunnels and rails forever changed the shape and feel of the city."

— Esther Crain, founder of the website Ephemeral New York and author of The Gilded Age in New York, 1870-1910

"An encyclopedic history of the subway system. It's the historical record."

— Richard Ravitch, former chairman of the Metropolitan Transit Authority

"This beautiful tome to the subway would make a great coffee table book, but it’s also the perfect gift for any NYC history or transit buff, as it’s full of gorgeous vintage images and tons of fascinating facts."

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