Sowing Beauty

Designing Flowering Meadows from Seed
by James Hitchmough

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“A hopeful and expansive book for the gardener who sees a field as a canvas.” —Publishers Weekly 

James Hitchmough is well-regarded in the design world for his exuberant, colorful, and flower-filled meadows. His signature style can be seen in prominent places like London’s Olympic Park and the Botanic Garden...
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Published By Timber Press

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 364

Publication Date 04/19/2017

ISBN 9781604696325

Dimensions 10.25 inches x 8.75 inches

“This is a hopeful and expansive book for the gardener who can see a field as a canvas.” —Publishers Weekly

“It’s impossible not to be seduced by the drama and scale of meadow and prairie planting and James Hitchmough, professor at Sheffield University in the UK, has worked on some of the most magical projects. . . . a must-read for anyone contemplating creating a similar landscape.” —Gardenista

“An attractive and interesting book. . . . Sowing Beauty offers readers a hybrid of academic and popular writing related to meadow garden creation featuring plants from around the world.” —NYBG’s Plant Talk

Sowing Beauty has all the hallmarks of a lifetime’s work; so in depth and extensive is the research, (and the photographs are especially good). . . . I would heartily recommend this book to any gardener and would expect it be on the shelf of every landscape architect.” —Gardens Illustrated

“This is serious stuff for serious meadow-makers. Well done Timber Press.” —The Times

“A technical guide for landscape architects and ‘ambitious home gardeners.’ Flow charts and detailed tables appear throughout, helping readers in calculating necessary seed weights and navigating irrigation questions.” —The Dirt

“A mix of scientific rigour and visual extravagance. This book is a great repository of knowledge. Gratifyingly geeky, with lots of charts.” Gardens Illustrated