socialsklz :-) (Social Skills) for Success

How to Give Children the Skills They Need to Thrive in the Modern World
by Faye de Muyshondt

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Mom's Choice Awards' Gold Recipient for "Adult Books: Parenting -- Contemporary Families.

More and more studies attest to the same truths: the earlier children learn social skills, the better. Socially savvy kids score higher on achievement tests, and are overall more emotionally healthy. And who doesn't want that for their...
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Published By Running Press Adult

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 224

Publication Date 07/09/2013

ISBN 9780762449323

Dimensions 7.3 inches x 9.1 inches

Parents Magazine
“The author has created a cutting-edge, must-have manual for bringing up polite and safe kids in the digital world”