Running That Doesn't Suck

How to Love Running (Even If You Think You Hate It)
by Running Press Adult

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Running doesn't have to suck. Ease yourself into a comfortable routine (promise!) with this hilarious and approachable guide to workouts and nutrition from an experienced athlete.

We've all side-eyed the chipper runners jogging by in their short-shorts and "Fun Run"-finisher tops and felt a little envious. How do they get...
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Published By Running Press Adult

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 240

Publication Date 07/09/2019

ISBN 9780762466740

Dimensions 6 inches x 7.9 inches

"Jhung doesn't promise that running will turn you into a euphoric gym bunny....She says it won't suck. And it didn't. At no point did I feel talked down to or foolish; the whole tone is very friendly and you truly get the sense that Jhung is on your side."

— Healthista

"Appropriately enough, Running That Doesn't Suck is a book that doesn't suck. In fact, it is the opposite of sucky -- a punchy, perfect blend of wit, inspiration, and nitty-gritty tips and advice, all delivered in plain English. Lisa Jhung comes across as a guru, a coach, a cheerleader, and your favorite running buddy, all rolled into one."

— Mark Remy, creator of and author of The Runner's Rule Book

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