Romaine Wasn't Built in a Day

The Delightful History of Food Language
by Judith Tschann

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Discover how the food we love shapes the language we use in this sharp, laugh-out-loud story of the etymology of food words.

All food has a story, reaching as far back into history as language itself. Throughout time, as languages followed and reflected the tides of civilizations, food language came to represent some...
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Published By Voracious

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 240

Publication Date 02/21/2023

ISBN 9780316389372

Dimensions 6.2 inches x 9.05 inches

" ...a fascinating history of how we eat and cook."
— The New York Times

"If you’ve ever paused mid-sip to wonder about the origins of your piping hot coffee or pondered the etymological roots of the word 'pastrami,' former English professor Judith Tschann has some very fun answers. Tschann joyfully explores our daily food rituals, from breakfast spreads to boozy nightcaps, parsing the language we use to talk about what we eat and drink, and why. Along the way, she unearths surprising origin stories and twisty verbal evolutions. The result is a truly delightful smorgasbord of history and linguistics that kept us entertained—and made us hungry."
— Apple Books

"Accomplished medievalist Tschann turns her linguistic skills to sussing out the origins of all manner of food-related words... Tschann's approach is lighthearted, but her aim is serious."

— Booklist

"I will never look at my breakfast the same way again!"
— Sarah Lohman, author of Eight Flavors

"Scrumptious... This book was meant to be devoured."
— Roy Peter Clark, author of Murder Your Darlings

"Every page feels like a journey of discovery..."

"A literary feast for people curious about the history of food names and word nerds in informative and humorous stroll through words."
— The Marketplace