Remind Me Again What Happened

by Joanna Luloff

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“There is a smudge where my memory is supposed to be.”

Claire wakes in a hospital room in the Florida Keys. She has no idea how she got there or why. The loss of so many memories is paralyzing. Some things she can piece together by looking at old...
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Published By Algonquin Books

Format Paperback

Number Of Pages 288

Publication Date 04/29/2020

ISBN 9781616209384

Dimensions 5.5 inches x 8.25 inches

“Disorienting and haunting, in all the best ways . . . a poignant story about love, friendship, and the secrets that keep people apart — and keep people together.”  

“Fascinating . . . A novel of sonorous character study, showing both the limits and allure of truly knowing another person—and oneself.”      
Kirkus Reviews

“A thought-provoking exploration of love, relationships, and the role of the past in defining the present.”

“Using thriller conventions to meditate on memory, the novel . . . raises pointed questions about just how reliable any narrative of one’s life can be.”
Publishers Weekly

“Claire wakes from a coma with only fragmented memories, and her struggle toward recovery is both a haunting mystery story and a beautiful meditation on the questions of what, exactly, identity, love and friendship are made up of. Remind Me Again What Happened is a gripping debut novel, and Joanna Luloff is a writer to watch!”   
Dan Chaon, author of Ill Will

Remind Me Again What Happened is a profound and elegiac exploration of the relationship between memory and identity, the way one has the power to remake the other. Joanna Luloff is a splendid writer, and this haunting novel is a wonderful testament to her gifts.”
—Laura van den Berg, author of Find Me

“I'm a great fan of Joanna Luloff's lovely book, The Beach at Galle Road. The aptly titled Remind Me Again What Happened takes it to another level. The novel is a powerful yet intimate, even achingly honest, examination of love, friendship, betrayal, and the limits of repentance. Highly recommended." 
—Peter Orner, author of Underground America

“A page-turner filled with depth, secrecy, and thrill that’ll have you questioning your own concept of truth and reality.”

“As secrets pop up through alternating perspectives, you won’t be able to put Remind Me Again What Happened Again down.”

“This psychological thriller tells the story of shifts in time and how relationships are reconfigured each day.”