Rare Trees

The Fascinating Stories of the World’s Most Threatened Species
by Sara Oldfield, Malin Rivers

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Discover the secrets and beauty of the world’s rarest trees in this fantastic book filled with more than 300 color photographs.

Forests cover nearly a third of the world's surface, and the trees that make them up include a staggering diversity of more than 60,000 species. Individual trees play specific...
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Published By Timber Press

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 400

Publication Date 03/21/2023

ISBN 9781604699524

Dimensions 9 inches x 10.25 inches

“A lavishly illustrated, lovingly detailed compendium of “rare trees” of the world…In their noble efforts to honor these “rare” trees, the authors will certainly sensitize readers to the trees' value and their peril.”
— Booklist

“Full-color photos accompany fascinating facts about each tree and its environment. Rare Trees makes for a wonderful coffee table reading experience.”
— 425 Magazine