Practical Science for Gardeners

by Mary Pratt

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Informative and entertaining, this book will stimulate experimentation and encourage gardeners to review and improve their current gardening practices. Once gardeners learn how plants are constructed, it is easier to envision how they'll grow and flourish. An understanding of the structure behind good, healthy soil gives clues as to how...
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Published By Timber Press

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 176

Publication Date 07/25/2005

ISBN 9781604693317

Dimensions 6.26 inches x 9.3 inches

“Pratt has a warm feeling for historical perspective and does not hesitate to admonish, philosophize, and encourage.” —Bloomsbury Review

“Anyone seeking principles for improving a garden will find this book immensely useful.” —Science News

“This is the book you have been waiting for. . . to understand the science of gardening will improve your gardening pleasure.” —Virginia Master Gardeners Association Report

“You don’t need to toddle through this book and take notes. You can master the concepts easily and then apply them to your garden. Pratt’s talent in reducing the science down to the simplest explanations is a wonderful gift to her fellow gardeners.” —Northwest Indiana Times

“Practical Science for Gardeners is an easy and enjoyable read, and can be a useful book for gardeners interested in learning the science behind successful gardening practices.” —Contributions to Botany

“Practical Science for Gardeners explains plant-cell structure, genetics, and other subjects that are the foundation of gardening.” —Rocky Mountain News

“Packed with tips about how to apply science to achieve healthier plants and better gardens, this informative and entertaining book will encourage you to review your gardening practices in light of newfound knowledge.” —Michigan Gardener
“Information ranging from soil preparation and mulching to planting and pruning. . . was presented in a friendly and understandable manner. This book is definitely a ‘keeper’ from my point of view as I did learn a lot, enjoy the writer’s easygoing style, and will use it in the future as a reference.” —Athens Banner-herald