Pour Me Another

250 Ways to Find Your Favorite Drink
by J. M. Hirsch

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Choose your own cocktail adventure: Use the drinks you already love to explore a world of delicious new spirits, combinations, and flavors.
You know what you like to drink—but what’s next?
Expert mixologist and James Beard Award-winning editorial director of Milk Street J.M. Hirsch has the answer in Pour...

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Published By Voracious

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 304

Publication Date 10/04/2022

ISBN 9780316325356

Dimensions 6.75 inches x 8.7 inches

"Milk Street editorial director J.M. Hirsch uses cocktails you already love as a starting point for embracing new and exciting combinations, with 250 recipes that will turn your home bar into a choose-your-own adventure experience."
— Epicurious

“[A] smart approach to drinking… [that] will help you identify cocktails that you otherwise might not try, based on what you already know you like.”
— Forbes

"By encouraging readers to explore the modular nature of cocktails, Hirsch imagines the drinks cabinet as one big Lego set. The combinations are endless and it pays to be creative. That approach makes Pour Me Another ideal reading for the experimental home bartender."
— Club Enologique

"If you're the person who saddles up to a bar and then completely blanks when it comes time to actually order, this cocktail cookbook is for you. Every recipe guides you to a similar, but different recipe idea to try next. The pathways are endless, but all roads lead to being drunk and happy."
— letseatcake.com