A New Perspective
by Piet Oudolf, Noel Kingsbury

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“Indispensable.” —The New York Times Book Review

Piet Oudolf’s gardens—unique combinations of long-lived perennials and woody plants that are rich in texture and sophisticated in color—are breathtaking and have deep emotional resonance. With Planting, designers and home gardeners can recreate these plant-rich, beautiful gardens that support biodiversity and nourish the...

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Published By Timber Press

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 280

Publication Date 04/09/2013

ISBN 9781604693706

Dimensions 9 inches x 10.38 inches

“Indispensable. . . . an impassioned plea for packing beds tightly, interlacing species lightly, choosing plants that survive multiple stresses, [and] letting seed heads stand through winter.” —The New York Times Book Review

 “Luscious photographs and meticulous explanations of techniques and methods make this an essential reference guide and constant source of inspiration.” —Booklist

“In Planting: A New Perspective (Timber Press), written with fellow landscape architect Noel Kingsbury, Piet Oudolf details for the first time the specific ingredients that go into his horticultural alchemy, and even includes original plans and plant charts.” —Elle Décor

“This is a thoughtful, insightful guide that deserves serious consideration.” —Library Journal

“It treads a well-pitched line in providing gritty information to the professional and the amateur alike…  It is fascinating to see this pinnacle of public naturalistic planting explained and contextualized.” —The Guardian

“No one does ecology-based plant harmonies better than these two, and it’s just so sweepingly, stunningly beautiful…A fascinating and technical exposition of how Piet has changed the way plants are used.” —The Telegraph

“In Planting: A New Perspective, Oudolf and Kingsbury detail what it takes to design, plant, and maintain the new nature-like landscapes. This is a how-to book that will leave you with the information, courage, and enthusiasm to approach your own landscape in a new way…The authors leave no doubt about the importance of natural beauty to human life, and they show how to reproduce aspects of it successfully.” —Landscape Architecture Magazine

“A fascinating insight into Piet Oudolf’s approach to design.” —Gardens Illustrated

“Features groundbreaking design principles that can be applied to the home garden.” —Garden Design

“For anyone who wants to emulate and understand what is happening in [the High Line’s] naturalistic designs.” —Highlands Current

“The book includes an extensive plant directory, which covers detailed information about each plant mentioned in the book; from the plant measurements, flowering season and spreading ability to the foliage architecture (plus lots more). It is a great guide for anyone wishing to try out the style Piet Oudolf uses in his magnificent gardens.” —The English Garden

“A wonderful primer for the home garden.” —Chicago Tribune

“No one does ecology-based plant harmonies better than these two, and it’s just so sweepingly, stunningly beautiful.” —Pacific Northwest Magazine