by Allan Rogers

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Al Rogers has been growing peonies since childhood, and this book represents more than 60 years' experience. Peonies are treasured by gardeners for their longevity, lush foliage, rich fragrance, and landscape uses. Captured within these pages are not only the flavor, charm, and history of the peony and its hybridizers...
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Published By Timber Press

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 384

Publication Date 08/05/2009

ISBN 9780881926620

Dimensions 6.04 inches x 9 inches

“Neither merely for the home gardener nor strictly for professionals, [this] clearly and astutely written book is for all plant lovers.” —Booklist

“Besides botanical information there is peony history, lore, people, identification, propagation, hybridizing and cultivation to make this a fascinating book.” —National Gardener

“His writing is authoritative and scholarly.” —Pacific Horticulture

“Numerous color photos whet the appetite for a wide range of material; a source for many outstanding cultivars is laid out in an appendix which in and of itself if worth the price of the book.” —American Rhododendron Society Journal

“The amateur is well served here, but so too is the would-be commercial grower. Rogers offers the equivalent of a full course in every aspect of peony raising, from culture to propagation.” —Horticulture

“The first comprehensive peony treatise in several decades. . . . Breeders, propagators, and home gardeners alike will enjoy the very readable text. . . . a valuable reference for all peony lovers. Highly recommended.” —Choice

“An important book for any gardener’s library.” —American Peony Society Bulletin

“Rogers’ love affair with peonies shows through his book, introducing a new generation to another flower out of our grandmothers’ gardens, guaranteeing perpetuity.” —Pacific Northwest Gardener

“It combines obvious passion for peonies. . . . with meticulous historical and scientific research.” —Homeground

“Anyone who loves peonies will be delighted with this new book.” —Saskatchewan Gardener

“He has packed this book with a wealth of detailed information about these magnificent, old-time favorites, and included an impressive listing of all species and cultivars currently available.” —Manchester (CT) Journal Inquirer