Palms Won't Grow Here and Other Myths

Warm-Climate Plants for Cooler Areas
by David A. Francko

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Palms that grow in Canada? Bananas that overwinter in Michigan? How about southern crape myrtles that flower in Birmingham, England, instead of Birmingham, Alabama? Although the voice of authority—and nursery labels—might say, “You can't grow those plants here,” author Dave Francko has a different message for gardeners: “Plants can't read...
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Published By Timber Press

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 308

Publication Date 01/09/2003

ISBN 9781604693294

Dimensions 6.6 inches x 9.28 inches

“I’ve been encouraged by this book.” —The New York Times

“Helps adventurous gardeners grow plants they never dreamed possible.” —Publishers Weekly

“With this highly readable guide in hand, plant lovers can look forward to the challenge and the prospect of animating their gardens with a new and expanded palette of exciting possibilities.” —Booklist

“An adventurous guide to growing warm-climate plants in cold-winter climates.” —Northwest Horticultural Society

“This guide is recommended for the gardening collections in public libraries.” —American Reference Books Annual

“Adventurous gardeners will welcome this book. . . . With humorous asides and practical tips, Francko challenges cool-temperature gardeners to consider growing exotic, tropical plants that they have previously considered too tender for their climate.” —American Gardener

“A groundbreaking new book.” —Martha Stewart Living

“Francko dispels myth with his witty and knowledgeable slant on growing many varieties of plants.” —National Gardener

“This book continues Timber Press’ reputation as a publisher of broad-interest nature books with usefulness and appeal beyond the intended audience.” —Plant Science Bulletin

“You can enjoy it without putting a shovel in the soil.” —Michigan Observer and Eccentric

“A very personal account of gardening successes, written in a friendly, accessible style. . . . For anyone living in a cold climate and wanting to grow palms, this book may awaken an obsession that no therapist can touch.” —Palms

“The discussion of physiology is at least as interesting as the plant descriptions and advice.” —Pappus