Orchid Modern

Living and Designing with the World’s Most Elegant Houseplants
by Marc Hachadourian

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“This beautiful book is useful for all of us, novice and experienced orchid lovers alike.” —Martha Stewart, author, entrepreneur, founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

Add the vibrant colors and exotic blooms of orchids to your houseplant haven! It’s easier than you think with the help of Orchid Modern. Marc...

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Published By Timber Press

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 248

Publication Date 09/03/2019

ISBN 9781604698169

Dimensions 8 inches x 9 inches

“Marc Hachadourian shares his plant genius in such a gentle, helpful way that even those with no trace of green in their thumb can sort of, almost, kind of envision keeping an orchid alive. Better gardeners will learn how to cultivate orchids in a terrarium. Everyone can admire the nice pictures of these vexing, lovely plants.” —The Boston Globe

“This book will be the bible for people who cultivate orchids and for people who want to grow them.” —Garden Design Online 

“Marc’s engrossing and beautiful book about his passion—orchids—is useful for all of us, novice and experienced orchid lovers alike.” —Martha Stewart, author, entrepreneur, founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

“Open this well-written, encyclopedic guide to orchids and discover the debunking of specific myths about this plant… wealthy with information.” —Booklist, Starred Review

"Marc’s new book teaches us not just which to grow and how, but also how to apply a mini-version of the signature showmanship and artistry of that big event to how we display plants at home…most of all, get some ideas for using orchids more creatively: no more just lining up those garden-center plastic pots on a windowsill.”  —Margaret Roach, podcaster and author of A Way to Garden

“A beautifully photographed history of orchid cultivation, with caring tips for the plants, and decorative projects for displaying them.” Gardens Illustrated

“A one-stop-shop for learning the art of the orchid.” —The American Gardener
“A well-designed, well-written, and a great addition to any orchid-lover’s home library.” —Plant Talk

“There is something for everyone in this book and the design section is sure to give readers a new perspective.” —The Winston-Salem Journal