Not Our Summer

by Casie Bazay

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Two estranged cousins struggle to overcome a family feud as they travel together on five vacation trips that will change their lives forever.

It's bad enough that estranged cousins Becka and KJ see each other at their grandfather's funeral, but when he leaves them a bucket list of places to...
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Published By Running Press Kids

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 288

Publication Date 05/11/2021

ISBN 9780762472291

Dimensions 5.9 inches x 8.5 inches

"A poignant family drama that realistically explores the growth of a complicated relationship."
— Kirkus Reviews

"Bazay’s debut is enjoyable realistic fiction, and believable, relatable heroines K.J. and Becka will appeal to anyone with heavy family histories."
— Booklist

"This engaging debut packs authentic dialogue, strong personalities, and fabulous destinations into a heartwarming tale of family drama and personal growth."
— School Library Journal

"Not Our Summer is a heartwarming debut that tackles coming-of-age, family, and navigating through everything that comes with them both with deep insight and plenty of laughs along the way. This thoughtfully-crafted story with its relatable heroines will stick with you long after you finish it."

“A heart-stealing debut, Not Our Summer maneuvers through broken family bonds, healing, and the painful truths we all must face with a brilliant fusion of humor and genuineness. Casie Bazay delivers a summer adventure that readers will find impossible to forget.”

A satisfying blend of light-hearted adventure and a deeper enemies-to-family story. I loved every mile of KJ and Becka’s road trip through their grandfather’s bucket list—battling whitewater rapids, a rodeo bull, and each other. This delightful book will leave you feeling sunny-warm and excited to spend summer vacation with your least-favorite relative!

"In her debut, Not Our Summer, Casie Bazay offers a heart-y, fast-paced adventure between cousins from opposite sides of the tracks. Their hate-to-family, grandpa bucket-list road trips will leave you feeling like you've just come back from your own vacation. Bazay is definitely an author to watch.”

"You’ll get swept away in this sweet and touching road trip story as Becka and KJ learn all the ways family can both hurt and heal each other. The perfect summer escape.” 

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