My Guncle and Me

by Jonathan Merritt, Joanna Carillo

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This celebration of individuality and inclusivity reminds young readers that what makes them different is what makes them special. 

In this inclusive and heartwarming picture book by award-winning writer Jonathan Merritt, Henry Higgleston struggles with being deemed an oddball by the other kids at school. But when his fabulous gay uncle...
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Published By Running Press Kids

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 32

Publication Date 05/14/2024

ISBN 9780762485611

Dimensions 10.15 inches x 10.1 inches

“Every parent needs this: a story of love that teaches children that they are never, ever alone. WE ALL NEED A GUNCLE!”

“Parents learn very quickly that two adults are not nearly enough to give a child everything he or she needs—kids need support & listening & care from a whole chorus of healthy, loving adults. I wish every family had the gift of a Guncle like ours.”

“Jonathan Merritt has tapped into that same dimension of powerful inspiration which touches not only the hearts of children but also adults. This book is amazing!”

“In a moment when the world seems filled with hate, Jonathan’s book gives me reason to hope. This tender tale of self-acceptance could not be more urgent...I can’t wait to give this book to all my friends’ children.”

“Jonathan is giving the world a gift with his first children’s book. It’s a wonderfully thoughtful celebration of individuality and a heartwarming portrait of self-love that so many need in this moment...As an out gay man raised in a conservative Christian household, this is a book I wish I had growing up.”

“Are there any children who don’t need to hear that God loves them and that they are beautiful just as they are? If there are, this book is not for them. But for all other children (and their parents) Jonathan Merritt’s charming new tale is a Godsend.”

“A boy's spirits are lifted by a visit from his guncle. . . The message to love and be true to yourself is evergreen."

— Kirkus Reviews

“Pastel-hued illustrations from Carillo reinforce the gentle encouragement of Merritt’s rigorously rhyming couplets…. Throughout, what’s undeniable is the powerful love shown by Henry’s guncle, and the way spending time with a beloved role model can make all the difference.”

— Publishers Weekly

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