A History of Crime in 100 Objects
by Harold Schechter

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From veteran true crime master Harold Schechter comes a unique look into the history of crime told through the dark objects left behind.

The false teeth of a female serial killer from 1908, the cut-and-paste confession of the Black Dahlia killer, the newly cracked cipher of the Zodiac killer, the...
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Published By Workman Publishing Company

Format Hardback

Number Of Pages 288

Publication Date 09/26/2023

ISBN 9781523515295

Dimensions 6.8 inches x 9.3 inches

"Schechter’s prose has the punch of a campfire ghost story and the objects run a satisfying gamut from intriguing curios to the stuff of nightmares. It adds up to a strange and fascinating tour of the macabre."
— Publishers Weekly

"I am extremely interested in [Murderabilia]. Think about it, a history of crime in 100 objects. What objects? And why?"

— Nancy Grace, Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

"Short chapters and copious illustrations make Murderabilia a great choice to leave on the night table to dip into before bed."

— BookPage

"Not just a history of true crime but a cultural history... Love this book."

— Last Podcast on the Left

"It is the rare reference book that is compulsively readable, but Murderabilia is one... These two-to-four-pages-long articles provide fertile ground for true-crime fans or students researching specific cases or types of crimes."

— Booklist

"A perfect choice for a book group that likes a body count; or a serial killer aficionado’s coffee table; or for the friends you never see because they’re addicted to Life After LockupMurderabilia could and should launch hundreds of true crime novels."

— The Washington Post

"A fascinating tour of criminological history."

— Psychology Today

"It is a measure of [Schechter's] research and gift for storytelling that the reader not only learns new details about familiar murders but about murders that are just as gruesome but lost to time.... The book not only saves you the trip but gives you 99 other reasons to be an armchair detective."

— Air Mail