68 Women on the Trials and Triumphs of Starting a Business and Raising a Family
by Amanda Jane Jones, Jennifer Fernandez

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An inspirational and empowering celebration of more than sixty women who are both dedicated mothers and successful entrepreneurs.

Starting a business can be daunting, scary, and exciting, all at once; so too can starting a family. But they can coexist—as the incredible roster of women in this book demonstrate, entrepreneurship can...
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Published By Artisan

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 336

Publication Date 10/22/2024

ISBN 9781648293450

Dimensions 7 inches x 9 inches

“As any mother knows, the balance between finding gratification in your work and spending quality time with your kids, all while avoiding mom guilt, is a constant challenge. And it’s compounded when you see social media highlight reels showing mothers seemingly doing it all, having it all, looking great, and feeling great. The stories in Mother/Founder pull back the curtain in a way that is truly relatable, helpful, and inspiring. It will get you dreaming in a new, exciting way.”

“I wish this book existed when I was raising my three boys and building my first beauty brand! The stories of these mother founders are so inspirational, and remind any woman who is starting a business and juggling the demands of a family that they’re not alone. We see you. We’ve got you. Now go build your support system and crush it.”

“A true companion for anyone weathering that seemingly impossible distance between making lunches and making launch day, this book is equal parts a whisper to keep going and a thunderclap to start today. These are the stories we need more than ever.”

“Full of stories and practical advice from a diverse group of mother entrepreneurs that is sure to inspire you like it inspired me.” 

“How did this book not exist until now? Reading these working moms’ stories, their advice, and the brass tacks of their daily routines gave me much-needed affirmation as I navigate life with my new baby while going after my professional dreams. It’s hard! But as one contributor aptly put it, my work makes me who I am, and it makes me a better mother. This book was like chicken soup for my tired-mom soul.”

Mother/Founder shines a much-needed light on the complex and profound journey of being a mom entrepreneur. Amanda and Jennifer have created within the pages of this book a community for those of us holding up economies, families, and dreams, and reminded us: we’ve got this.”

“Reading this book is like being invited into a circle of wise and brilliant mothers who generously share their experience and advice on creating fulfilling careers on their own terms. An empowering reminder that there is no one perfect blueprint to motherhood and successful entrepreneurship.”