Milk Street: Cook What You Have

Make a Meal Out of Almost Anything (A Cookbook)
by Christopher Kimball

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Make a meal out of almost anything.

Stop shopping and start cooking what you have. Your pantry's possibilities are endless. Milk Street will help you transform whatever you already have into bright, bold meals from around the world. 

Got a can of chickpeas? It can become anything from a quick...
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Published By Voracious

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 352

Publication Date 10/25/2022

ISBN 9780316387569

Dimensions 7.6 inches x 9.35 inches

"Here, the Milk Street team solves the problem of making dinner, starting with what you have on hand in the kitchen. Focusing on two dozen key kitchen ingredients such as couscous, tomato paste, canned beans, lentils, breadcrumbs or yogurt, the 225 featured recipes will demonstrate the endless possibilities that can be fashioned from just the ingredients you already have at home."
— Eat Your Books

"The Milk Street team has worked with pretty much every ingredient imaginable, so you can trust that the 225 recipes in this book do use ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, ready to be transformed into bold dishes from around the world."
— Epicurious

"There is perhaps no better time for a cookbook like this than our current era... this beautifully photographed and thoughtfully organized guide is a method of cooking, not just a cookbook."
— Booklist Starred