Maples of the World

by P. C. de Jong, H. J. Oterdoom, D. M. van Gelderen

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International experts worked for nearly two decades to produce this greatest single source of information on maples. Every known maple is described, including growth habit, distribution, hardiness, and autumn color, as well as useful information on culture, propagation, and pests and diseases.

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Published By Timber Press

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 478

Publication Date 04/02/2010

ISBN 9781604692099

Dimensions 8.26 inches x 11.02 inches

“Truly comprehensive.” —Booklist

“This long-awaited masterwork has no peer. Virtually every species and named variety of maple known to horticulture is represented here. . . . An invaluable resource that could scarcely be surpassed.” —Horticulture

Maples of the World is probably the most definitive text ever written on the genus Acer. . . . will be essential for nursery managers, botanists, landscape designers, and horticulturists.” —American Reference Books Annual

“Magnificent. . . . the greatest single source of information on this subject. . . . essential reading” —Gardens Illustrated

“We have come to expect lavishly illustrated, strongly bound, fairly priced books on horticultural topics from Timber Press, and this work is no exception. The authors bring to the subject vast experience, scholarship, and an obvious love of the plants themselves.” —Economic Botany

“The mass of information given in these chapters is impressive.” —Garden

“Essential reading for botanists, researchers, and students involved with the maple genus, and a mine of information for maple enthusiasts, horticulturists, gardeners and tree lovers. . . . quite a remarkable value for money.” —Arboricultural Journal

“This monumental achievement will serve as the standard reference fro students and fanciers of maples for the next decade, and perhaps even longer.” —American Society of Plant Taxonomists Newsletter

“The book was eagerly awaited for many years, and is the first comprehensive work on maples. . . . This scholarly work deserves to be on the bookshelf of every serious student of Acerology.” —Hortus

“Indispensable for every horticulturalist, botanist and everybody interested in trees, world of gardens and parks, and nature in general.” —Thaiszia