Make the Fireflies Dance

by Rachel Bateman

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In this rom com from the author of Someone Else's Summer, a hopeless romantic juggles senior year stress, family problems, and faulty friendships around the end of senior year and prom.

Quincy Walker is a hopeless romantic, so when she's kissed by a stranger in a dark theater, her rom-com obsessed...
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Published By Running Press Kids

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 352

Publication Date 05/16/2023

ISBN 9780762478910

Dimensions 5.95 inches x 8.55 inches

“I remember walking my first date to her front door after homecoming, filled with so much hope and joyful anticipation. Just like this wonderful feel-good novel of delirious first kisses. Like that night, it will leave you blissfully happy and wishing for more.”

"Make the Fireflies Dance is magical and loving, romantic and incredibly moving. I read this novel in one night, turning the pages madly, veering between laughter and tears. Rachel Bateman is such a good writer; she brings her characters to life, makes us care about them as if they were our best friends (especially Quin), and makes us wonder about them, wish them well, long after we have read the last page."

"Enchanting and entirely genuine, Rachel Bateman's Make the Fireflies Dance made my heart flicker. Quincy and her family and friends glowed on the page in so many special ways. They made me smile and swoon, laugh and cry. Bateman's romantic comedy, with touching threads of the power of friendship and grief woven in, will bring light to your life."

"Make the Fireflies Dance is a fresh, flirtatious love story with classic rom-com vibes and warm southern charm! Quincy’s journey through blind dates and kisses in the dark will give readers all the fizzy, firefly-dancing, first love feels."

“Plenty of complex and vulnerable moments in the story…an enjoyable read.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“A thoughtful depiction of a teen embracing change.”
— Publishers Weekly