Loving Every Child

Wisdom for Parents
by Janusz Korczak, Sandra Joseph

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“Korczak’s words resonate across the years and have amazing modern-day relevance.”—Jim Harding, director of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Born in Poland in 1878, educator, physician, and legendary child advocate Janusz Korczak believed that simply understanding children is the key to being able to...
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Published By Algonquin Books

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 84

Publication Date 02/23/2007

ISBN 9781643752099

Dimensions 5.52 inches x 6.84 inches

"While this volume of selections may seem slim, Korczak's insights are profound....Are you frustrated by something your child's done? Try seeing that child as a 'foreigner who does not speak our language...ignorant of our laws and customs...Treat his ignorance with respect.' In this perfect inspirational gift book, Korczak reminds readers that children are basically honest, so if they don't answer our questions, that's basically an answer; rather than lie, they're choosing silence.'"
Publishers Weekly starred review