Love in a Fucked-Up World

How to Build Relationships, Hook Up, and Raise Hell, Together
by Dean Spade

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We all know it takes guts and creativity to fight for justice. But how often do we put those same qualities to work in our most intimate relationships? In this inspiring self-help handbook, luminary trans activist and author of Mutual Aid Dean Spade dares us to be the change we...

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Published By Algonquin Books

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 256

Publication Date 01/14/2025

ISBN 9781643756462

Dimensions 5 inches x 7 inches

Praise for Love in a F*cked-Up World:

“Dean Spade has written a pragmatic, timely book to help us navigate our most intimate relationships with a collective mindset; release romance myths and approach love as a practice; and cultivate discernment and freedom where we are trained towards judgement and ownership. He teaches us with gentle, relatable clarity and questions that allow us to reflect on how we are loving each other in this fucked up gorgeous world, and how to hold on to each other as the changes come.”

— adrienne maree brown, author of Loving Corrections, Pleasure Activism, and Emergent Strategy

“Against the backdrop of societal expectations, Love in a Fucked-Up World offers a beautiful and radical perspective on how to cultivate relationships that are not only fulfilling but also revolutionary. That change our world —and ultimately our earth— at its root. Drawing on decades of leadership in social movements, Dean Spade inextricably links personal healing with collective liberation, encouraging readers to rethink the ways we connect, love, and resist in an increasingly complex world.”

— Tourmaline, co-editor of Trap Door: Trans Cultural Production and the Politics of Visibility

"Compassionate, clarifying, and profoundly wise, Love in a F*cked Up World is radical leftist thought leader Dean Spade's latest gift to anyone interested in the intersection of love and justice... In this clear and highly practical book, Spade offers an enormously helpful map for creating relationships—whether friendly, sexual, and/or romantic—that feed and strengthen not only the individuals involved, but their communities and social commitments as well... This is the book I desperately needed when I first joined social justice movements as a teenager, and I am so very grateful that activists of all ages may read it now."

— Kai Cheng Thom, author of Falling Back in Love with Being Human: Letters to Lost Souls

“As a politicized person and a queer therapist, I have long wished for more self-help literature that is collectivist, anti-capitalist, and grounded in radical tradition. Dean Spade’s Love in a F*cked-Up World nails it, a loving and fearless book full of rigor, candor, and wisdom from someone who has lived a life devoted to activist community.”

— hannah baer, therapist and author of trans girl suicide museum

Praise for Mutual Aid:

"At once a call-to-arms, a balm for all those despairing at the present and future, and a blueprint for how we might better live with one another."

— Daniel Fernandez, The Nation

"Peter Kropotkin called mutual aid a 'factor in evolution.' The Black Panther Party called it 'survival pending revolution.' Dean Spade tells us that mutual aid is fundamental to making revolution. It is about building solidarity, preparing for battle, and creating a culture of collective care to displace the atomizing culture of individualism and the market. An indispensable guide for our moment, this book teaches us that effective social movements are impossible without mutual aid. Read every page. Carry it everywhere. Share it with everyone. Change everything."

— Robin D. G. Kelley, author of Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination

"Urgently calling for radical creativity and transformative change, Spade invites readers to think critically about their roles in groups and liberation."

— Heather Munao, Booklist

"Spade outlines how the systems we currently have in place are not set up to meet people’s needs—as we’ve seen highlighted by last year’s major global disruption."

— Maria Ricapito, Marie Claire

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