Letting Magic In

A Memoir of Becoming
by Maia Toll

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From Maia Toll, the best-selling author of the Wild Wisdom series and The Night School, comes the enchanted story of her own magical awakening, a journey from Brooklyn to Ireland that will inspire readers to uncover their own inner magic.

"Toll focuses on her own winding path, one that will resonate with seekers." — People

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Published By Running Press Adult

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 224

Publication Date 06/27/2023

ISBN 9780762480418

Dimensions 6.3 inches x 9.3 inches

"Toll focuses on her own winding path, one that will resonate with seekers."

— People

"Maia Toll has opened her heart to us all and we find inside magic, wonder, honesty and love.  So much love.  She’s both teacher and student, and through her we learn that a magical life isn’t about the destination.  It’s about the journey.  Letting Magic In is about the nurturing and life-changing lessons we can learn when we have the courage to change our narrative from 'What is possible?' to 'Everything is possible.'  A must-read for the soul searcher, the magic seeker and anyone who just loves a story well told.”
— Sarah Addison Allen, New York Times bestselling author

"Every sentence, every page, every chapter of this book shines as a singular star. This alone is a boon for the reader. The real gift though, of Letting Magic In, is the way Toll brings them all together in the end—a constellation of light from seemingly separate stars, a path forward for any and all of us who are willing to step out of our ordinary (and often disconnected lives) and into the web that is magical living."

"At last! A memoir for those of us who sense that there is far more to our existence than what’s immediately before us . . . a wide-open place of wonder and mystery, of synchronicity and interconnection. Maia Toll chronicles her first steps into this world, which we can follow like a roadmap until we, too, emerge as mystics in our own right."

"Maia has such a gorgeous and generous way of weaving a web of story—and of drawing the reader in. Her journey is personal and intimate and yet so beautifully and compellingly told that, soon, you’re hearing the wind rustle the leaves, seeing the moon’s trail ripple the sea, and responding to the whisper of your own dormant parts, inviting you to listen, imagine, re-awaken." 

"In Letting Magic In, Toll recounts the extraordinary journey that, beginning in her late 20s, led her to uncover a life of bigger meaning and real magic. Profound, funny, and gorgeously written, this memoir will leave the reader exhilarated—and ready to set off on their own quest, guided by Toll’s wisdom and uncommon voice." 

"In this spellbinding memoir, author Maia Toll explores identity and self-discovery while deftly weaving in the knowledge she has gained through her vast studies of herbalism, spirituality, and philosophy. Maia’s story is a sacred gift reminding us to explore the deepest parts of ourselves and to pay attention to the magic that always dwells within."