Let's Move the Needle

An Activism Handbook for Artists, Crafters, Creatives, and Makers; Build Community and Make Change!
by Shannon Downey

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Create change in the world with this inspiring guide to social activism, using art as a vehicle for creative resistance and community building, written by Shannon Downey – the artist and craftivist behind Badass Cross Stitch.

Art activism, artivism, craftivism, or the space where art and activism meet, is a...

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Published By Storey Publishing, LLC

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 264

Publication Date 10/01/2024

ISBN 9781635868906

Dimensions 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches

An exquisite celebration of creativity, curiosity, tenacity, and delight. This book will give you the permission, agency, and excitement to start making positive change.

— Greta Johnsen, host of Nerdette podcast

Let’s Move the Needle is much more than a craft book ... Shannon’s warmth and wit shine through as she challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and start crafting for the greater good.

— Stephanie Rohr, author of Feminist Cross-Stitch

Finally, an exploration of the lightning-fast mind that is Shannon Downey ... This powerful book offers a deep understanding of craftivism and guides you to take authentic actions based on your own values.

— Julie Jackson, creator of Subversive Cross Stitch

Let’s Move the Needle is full of heart, humor and a major dose of how-to that inspires social change and invites us to help build a more inclusive, just, and equitable world.

— Mary Morten, President, Morten Group, LLC

This book allows you to step more deeply into your soul and find matters of justice that you will be willing to fight forever for truth and equity to prevail. Craft is the medium and a gloriously abundant and empathic life well-lived is the reward.

— Elena Quintana, Ph.D., justice activist

Shannon Downey shows that we can move that needle together, in despair, outrage, boredom, and in a joyful imagination of the world as it should be. 

— Steve Hosik Moon, Former Director of Organizing at Asian Americans Advancing Justice