The Soul of Korean Cooking (More than 60 Recipes Featuring Gochujang, Doenjang, and Ganjang)
by Mingoo Kang, Joshua David Stein, Nadia Cho

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In the first book on the subject in English, South Korea’s best chef shows readers how to cook with jangs—the sauces that are the essential building blocks of all Korean cuisine. In the 60 home-cook-friendly dishes, he demystifies jangs while showing how they can be used to make both Korean...
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Published By Artisan

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 216

Publication Date 03/12/2024

ISBN 9781648291869

Dimensions 7.7 inches x 10.7 inches

“Mingoo Kang, a luminary of cooking, knows that to truly harness flavor, we must honor the past and let the art of fermentation shape our future.”

“It’s crazy to me that there hasn’t been a book like this before. Jangs, and not just gochujang, should be in every kitchen in America.”

“Jang introduces a Western audience to the wonders of gochujang, doenjang, and ganjang. These ‘mother sauces’ should be just as useful  in any cuisine’s dishes as they are in hansik. Mingoo Kang shows you how to expand your cooking by understanding jang.”

“This book serves as a necessary guide to improving the understanding of traditional Korean food and applying it in a modern way. Jang will help readers forge deeper relationships with many people through Korean food.”

“Throughout the ages, Korean cuisine has employed fermentation techniques that we are rediscovering. Jang is an integral part of this food, with variations that define its DNA. Chef Mingoo Kang is a brilliant creator who shares with us his vision of a unique and inspiring cuisine.”