How to Look at a Bird

Open Your Eyes to the Joy of Watching and Knowing Birds
by Clare Walker Leslie

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Bestselling author and acclaimed nature illustrator Clare Walker Leslie invites beginning birdwatchers to hone their observational skills with this easy-to-use visual guide.

Using her signature nature journal illustrations, Leslie shows readers the key clues to look for, from the shape of the beak or talons to distinctive feather colorings,...

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Published By Storey Publishing, LLC

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 144

Publication Date 02/06/2024

ISBN 9781635866490

Dimensions 5.55 inches x 7 inches

“If you are curious about the amazing world of birds but not sure where to start, How to Look at a Bird is the book for you. With her colorful illustrations and easy-to-understand prose, Clare Walker Leslie guides the reader through the process of identifying birds. Whether writing about a small bird like a warbler or the type of large falcon that I work with, Leslie's love for birds comes through loud and clear. She has learned — as I have — how everything changes when you ‘look up.’”

— Rodney Stotts, author of Bird Brother: A Falconer's Journey and the Healing Power of Wildlife

“This lovely, wonderfully accessible book is a warm and friendly invitation to pay attention to the birds around us, whether we live in a big city, on the edge of wilderness, or anywhere in between. The section on how to draw birds is especially valuable.” 

— Laura Erickson, author of 100 Plants to Feed the Birds and contributing editor to Birdwatching magazine