Hello, Higher Self

An Outsider's Guide to Loving Yourself in a Tough World
by Bunny Michael

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For fans of Yung Pueblo and Nicole LePera, this inclusive guide to radical self-love provides a path to joy and acceptance, from podcast host and artist Bunny Michael

Insecurities, inadequacies, self-doubt; we all have them, and never more so than in this age of media saturation and technical voyeurism. Enter Bunny...
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Published By Voracious

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 336

Publication Date 06/04/2024

ISBN 9780316471565

Dimensions 5 inches x 8 inches

Hello Higher Self offers the dose of radical self-compassion we all need and serves as a potent reminder that we are enough. Bunny Michael offers us a powerful invitation to dismantle the harmful beliefs society imposes on us and embrace our true and lasting worth. This is a must read.”

— Yung Pueblo, New York Times bestselling author of Inward, Clarity & Connection, and The Way Forward

“Bunny's work softens the harshness that we can't help but let in from the world. Like a friend and a coach, their new book, Hello, Higher Self, challenges and supports the reader to take the most care of themselves in the day-to-day and the big picture, from the inside out.”

— Actor, comedian and producer Ilana Glazer

“Bunny Michael has been a constant virtual guide, friend, artist, and co-conspirator in our lives for years, and with Hello, Higher Self we now have their gifts and talents in real life. Their relentless compassion for the human condition and determination to witness the journey we are all on is deeply healing work to engage with. We all need this reminder to make contact with our wisdom, our gifts, and our higher self.”

— Chani Nicholas, New York Times bestselling author of You Were Born for This

“Bunny’s exploration of conversations with the Higher Self have been so enlightening for me since I started following them years ago. This book is the perfect compilation of these explorations and an expansion on the beautiful concept/truth of our Higher Selves.”

— Singer and LGBTQ+ rights activist Lauren Jauregui

“In order for my perspective to change, I have to make different choices…” This is how Bunny Michael begins to open us up to remember who we really are. Hello Higher Self is a welcome into looking a bit more honestly and lovingly at our collective projections - whilst maintaining a fierce compassionate awareness!"

— Jennifer Mulan, author of Decolonizing Therapy

“Bunny Michael gives me hope for the future. Hello, Higher Self is a vulnerable and inspirational manifesto for creative misfits and sensitive souls, reminding us that authenticity is more important than perfection, all true love begins with self-love, and the wisdom of the Higher Self is just one shift in perception away. If you’ve ever felt like an outsider, or excluded by traditional definitions of spirituality and success, welcome home. This book is for you.”

— James McCrae, author of The Art of You

"Hello, Higher Self achieves the elusive balance of motivating us to work towards everything that we deserve without ignoring the material conditions of the world that we’re experiencing. This book is a powerful read full of tools—some revolutionary, some practical—that help us to tap into the power that we already possess."

— Michell C. Clark, author of Eyes on the Road

Hello, Higher Self is the book I wished I'd had my whole life. Bunny opens up a whole new world -- one in which we can all too clearly see the ways in which we have been conditioned to hate, fear, and shame ourselves and each other. Knowing that they can't leave us here, Bunny offers roadmaps for how we can move back towards love, compassion, and care -- towards creating the kind of world that we've always deserved. Hello, Higher Self is a gift to us all.”

— Writer and educator Margeaux Feldman of @softcoretrauma