Everyday Amenti

A Guided Journal for Cultivating a Feather-Light Heart
by Jennifer Sodini, Natalee Miller

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Connect to your intuition, expand your mind, and cultivate a heart "as light as a feather" with Everyday Amenti, a beautiful guided journal from the author and illustrator behind the Amenti Oracle.

From author Jennifer Sodini, founder of Evolve and Ascend, and illustrator Natalee Miller, comes Everyday Amenti -- an interactive...
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Published By RP Studio

Format Journal


Number Of Pages 176

Publication Date 12/01/2020

ISBN 9780762472055

Dimensions 6.25 inches x 8.15 inches

"We often think that in order to understand the timeless knowledge of mysticism we have to look back into the past, to work long dead masters of previous aeons. Jennifer proves this isn't true with her work -- that this knowledge is alive and thriving now as it ever has been. Regardless of your tradition or practice, you will find something in her teachings that will enrich your journey and understanding."
— New York Times-bestselling author of Life After Death

Jennifer Sodini is one of today's most important voices in practical spirituality-she embraces human complexity and real-world needs, reinterpreting both in light of esoteric and ancient thought. In the post-Covid age, there is no room for platitudes or posturing, and Jennifer's work demolishes both. She is at once blunt and unsparing, convivial and hopeful. I consider hers one of the very few voices on today's alternative spiritual scene that will prove lasting.
— PEN-award winning author

Jennifer brings ancient wisdom into the modern world in a way that is deeply reverent and enlightening while being accessible and applicable to life in the twenty-first century. Her Amenti Oracle is a beautiful representation of this gift. Each card opens a world of inquiry into the eternal quest to achieve highest harmony with the Universe. The book that accompanies the deck could easily be read straight through as a primer on spiritual evolution, but Jennifer chose to gift us with a deck of gorgeous cards to lead the way. Natalee Miller's illustrations achieve the same timeless quality Jennifer carries, somehow both of this time and of those that came before.

— Tarot Priestess and author of Elemental Power Tarot

This is a TEACHING deck and I quite swear it is a living/breathing and teaching entity. I have had a lot of magical encounters while reading with Amenti, AND Ma'at herself, as well as other spiritual teachers have come through the deck to teach me. I always like to tell the personal story I have with this deck because it is so profound! I have to admit, I knew NOTHING about the 'Halls of Amenti' before I started reading the guidebook but as I started, Jennifer provided a very vivid and historically accurate description of what and where they are! I was INSTANTLY transported back in time and to this place. I love that Jennifer draws from so many different ancient texts and meshes them into a powerful guidebook! The quotations from ancient texts in each card description, really help me to hear the voices of the wise ancient people and have plenty to write about and reflect upon. I have become a kinder person by examining the laws of Ma'at in the book. I now use this deck frequently and it is among my favorites for connecting to my spirit guides and read for my clients. I am so thankful that this guidebook and cards were created, because they have taught me to love, forgive and to explore beyond what my eyes can see.
— professional bruja, tarot reader, and spiritual guide behind The Mexican Witch and author of Cosmopolitan Love Potions; Magickal (and Easy!) Recipes to Find Your Person, Ignite Passion and Get Over Your Ex (Volume 1)