Eat This Book

Knowledge to Feed Your Appetite and Inspire Your Next Meal
by Stacy Michelson

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Explore 99 of the world’s most beloved, delicious, and misunderstood foods in this charming culinary compendium from artist extraordinaire Stacy Michelson.

Eat This Book is part celebration, part education, packed with bite-size nuggets of knowledge about unique farmers’ market finds, kitchen pantry staples, and fascinating global ingredients. You’ll gain a new appreciation...
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Published By Running Press Adult

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 176

Publication Date 03/23/2021

ISBN 9780762498048

Dimensions 7.75 inches x 10.3 inches

"This book is amazing! I've been working with these ingredients for over 40 years and yet I've learned so, so much from Stacy's educational and unique depictions. She's an incredible artist, a great cook, and I just adore her!"

"This exuberantly joyful illustrated encyclopedia of ingredients is irresistible and will entertain cooks from 3-103! It's a fresh and fun way to tackle the serious subjects of food history, science, and nutrition."

"Stacy's food drawings say 'Hey, Let's have some fun and learn something!' She's thorough and thoughtful without being studious or pedantic. I think my kids and I could both have fun and learn something from this book."

"Want to know more about your favorite foods? The brilliant Stacy Michelson serves up page after page of entertaining details about the most popular eats and ingredients around. Pickles, pasta, herbs, olives, avocados, matcha, and mezcal? It's all in there, a grocery cart full of fun and factoids."

"Stacy Michelson has created a most thrilling graphic food reference book. Whether you page through or peruse, you'll glean fascinating and handy bits of information to make you feel instantly smarter and better in the kitchen."

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