Design the Long Life You Love

A Step-by-Step Guide to Love, Purpose, Well-Being, and Friendship
by Ayse Birsel

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Design a long life full of love, purpose, well-being, and friendship, at any age, using the creative tools of award-winning product designer, author, and world's #1 life coach Ayse Birsel.

What does it mean to craft the life you want, as you grow older? For industrial designer and author Ayse Birsel,...
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Published By Running Press Adult

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 224

Publication Date 12/06/2022

ISBN 9780762481156

Dimensions 6.75 inches x 8.75 inches

People casually use this term; this changed my life. In reality, they're usually exaggerating, or it's hyperbole. I can say for Ayse Birsel and her program, it did change my life in a huge way.

This is a most unusual book both in its message and design. The message? Take charge of your life to ensure happiness and contentment, for all ages and lifestyles. The design? Big and bold to match the message, easy to read big letters to compensate for all that tiny unreadable lettering on medicine and instructions where some company wants to save some money on paper. A thoughtful, powerful book in both message and design.

Design the Long Life You Love makes visible a profound revelation—across our lives, what we want, what brings meaning and joy, remains fundamentally the same. HOW we experience these truths—Friendship, Love, Purpose, and Wellbeing—changes! The tools in this book allow all of us to make these truths visible in our own lives. Take a moment and be your own “Designer for a Day,” a week, a month, a lifetime.

If you want to create the long game for your life, read this book. Ayse Birsel turns her research on aging into essential life lessons we can all use, at any age.

You'll likely have a long life. Don't leave making it a good life up to chance.