Creatures of the Rainforest Sticker Poster

Includes a Big 15" x 28" Pull-Out Poster, 50 Colorful Animal Stickers, and Fun Facts
by Fiona Ocean Simmance, Alison Sky Simmance, Kaja Kajfez

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This big, colorful poster activity book invites kids ages 4–8 to complete the scene by adding 50 sticker puzzle pieces, all featuring creatures who inhabit rainforests around the world.

From insects like fireflies, praying mantises, scorpions, and Hercules beetles to mammals and reptiles like the squirrel monkey, pangolin, poison...

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Published By Storey Publishing, LLC

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 14

Publication Date 09/12/2023

ISBN 9781635866216

Dimensions 7.95 inches x 10 inches