Covering Ground

by Barbara W. Ellis

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Ground covers are a pretty and practical way to bring diversity, elegance, and durability to open sweeps of lawn. Give your landscape a vibrant new palette that is both sustainable and low-maintenance through plantings of herbs, shrubs, mosses, and more. Barbara W. Ellis provides a variety of full-color lawn designs...
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Published By Storey Publishing, LLC

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 224

Publication Date 07/30/2007

ISBN 9781580176651

Dimensions 9.25 inches x 10.05 inches

“Barbara W. Ellis transforms yards into flowering pieces of art…offering low-maintenance schemes, plant combinations, and in-depth advice on nurturing verdant landscapes.”

Home Magazine

Covering Ground will inspire with its wonderful possibilities for creating eye-catching color and texture in unexpected places. Ellis has the answers to the toughest garden situations…”

East Coast Gardener

“If you’re making the decision to get rid of some water-thirsty lawn, here’s help. Here are plenty of alternatives, as simple or as show as you want, for sun or shade, around pavers, along edges, fragrant or not, fast- or slow-growing, high- or low-maintenance.”

St. Petersburg Times

“There's life beyond lawn grass, and even beyond English ivy and pachysandra. You'll find lots of good ideas in Covering Ground.”

Chicago Tribune

“Barbara Ellis … elevates utilitarian ground cover plants to garden stars.”

McClatchy News Service