Consider the Platypus

Evolution through Biology's Most Baffling Beasts
by Maggie Ryan Sandford, Rodica Prato

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Interested in the origins of the species? Consider the Platypus uses pets such as dogs and cats as well as animal outliers like the axolotl and naked mole rat to wittily tackle mind-bending concepts about how evolution, biology,...
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Published By Black Dog & Leventhal

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 272

Publication Date 08/27/2019

ISBN 9780316418393

Dimensions 7.55 inches x 10.5 inches

"I have met Maggie Ryan Sandford, and I have read her work. And I am confident that she is the ideal woman to explain why dolphins are weird."
— Chuck Klosterman

"Consider the Platypus is a marvelously fun book, one that encourages the reader to think about evolution from new angles by exploring the "oddballs of the animal kingdom," who are some of the favorite animals of evolutionary biologists."

— American Scientist

A pre-blurb from Mary Roach, who doesn't blurb:
"Oh man, everyone should be writing science in oversized graphic form, especially about evolution. Everyone loves weird animals. I'm envious."
— Mary Roach

"Science buffs and animal lovers will gravitate to Consider the Platypus.... If you're intrigued by DNA-altering octopuses, radiation-withstanding tardigrades, and venomous platypuses, then you should pick [it] up!"

— -Ars Technica

"In Consider the Platypus, science journalist Maggie Ryan Sandford examines the curious species [of platypus] and more than 40 others of particular interest to the study of evolution... In cheery, pun-filled prose, she reviews the physical characteristics of the species, sketches its development and considers the evolutionary lesson it has to teach."

— Wall Street Journal's "What to Give: Books on Nature"