Aquilegia, Paraquilegia, and Semiaquilegia
by Robert Nold

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Fresh from his award-winning monograph on penstemons, Robert Nold turns his attention to one of the best-loved - and most frequently misunderstood - groups of garden plants. Columbines: Aquilegia, Paraquilegia, and Semiaquilegia is the first gardener's guide to these striking plants in more than half a century; and in his...
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Published By Timber Press

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 194

Publication Date 07/16/2010

ISBN 9781604692259

Dimensions 6 inches x 9 inches

“Gardeners have had to wait more than five decades for this modern monograph on generally easy-to-grow columbines. . . . Nold’s horticultural guide to Aquilegia species and hybrids. . . . told in an animated and personal voice melding insights, recollections, and research.” —Booklist

“A very useful book for gardeners and taxonomists alike. Highly recommended.” —Choice

“Enthusiasts will find a wealth of information about both native and nonnative species in this well-researched, highly readable volume.” —Horticulture

“With Columbines behind me, I may well add a few new species to my garden, particularly in the new rock garden. So enjoyable was Nold’s book that I also intend to read his Penstemons, which has been on my “to-read” list far too long.” —Pacific Horticulture

“Gardeners have waited a very long time for a readable, comprehensive and attractive book on columbines–and here it is.” —HortResources Newsletter

“Nold’s delightful little book is just the thing for stoking the enthusiasm and self-confidence of the gardener who is ready to enjoy growing these flowering gems in abundance.” —Boox Review

“An engaging book.” —Plant Science Bulletin

“Fun to read, lovingly written, and recommended for collections with avid gardeners and horticulturists.” —E-Streams

“Contains all anyone could want to know about columbines. . . . written in an easy conversational style, with humor lacing even the most intense discussions.” —California Garden