A Rich History
by Elaine Khosrova

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“Edifying from every point of view--historical, cultural, and culinary.” —David Tanis, author of A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes

It’s a culinary catalyst, an agent of change, a gastronomic rock star. Ubiquitous in the world’s most fabulous cuisines, butter is boss. Here, it finally gets its due.
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Published By Algonquin Books

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 368

Publication Date 10/17/2017

ISBN 9781616207397

Dimensions 5.5 inches x 8.2 inches

“Khosrova takes readers on an amazing journey in the history of butter, tracing butter’s creation through time and geography . . . An ambitious and interesting look at one of the world’s most beloved dairy products.” —Booklist

“Khosrova takes readers through the fascinating story of what was once a humble food, now celebrated by chefs and home cooks alike for its ability to elevate any dish. Plenty of history and science, but she doesn’t skimp on the recipes either.” —Lexington Herald-Leader

“You will believe in butter by the time you finish this educational and entertaining book.” —Birmingham Magazine
“Khosrova’s ambitious project is a successful, fascinating account of a common dairy product.” —Publishers Weekly
“This enjoyable work packs plenty of fascinating history and science. For fans of food histories such as Dan Koeppel’s Banana or Reaktion Books’s 'Edible' series.” —Library Journal

“A tasty chronicle of the indispensable dairy product . . . Khosrova’s richly textured history melts in your mouth.” —BookPage

“A fascinating, tasty read . . . And what a bonus to have a collection of essential classic butter recipes included.” —David Tanis, author of A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes

“Following the path blazed by Margaret Visser in Much Depends on Dinner, Elaine Khosrova makes much of butter and the ruminants whose milk man churns. You will revel in dairy physics. And you may never eat margarine again.” —John T.  Edge, author of The Potlikker Papers: A Food History of the Modern South

“Butter proves that close study can reveal rich history, lore, and practical information. All that and charm too.” —Mimi Sheraton, author of 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die
“Irresistible and fascinating. As a pastry chef, I am elbow-deep in butter every day; it is in nearly every pastry, cake, and cookie, and slathered on our toasted bread, yet reading this I realize how much history there is behind this ingredient that we take for granted. For the history, use around the world, and modern recipes and techniques (smoked butter!) this is one of those definitive books on a subject that every cook should have."Liz Prueitt, Tartine Bakery 
"The history of one of the most delectable ingredients throughout our many cultures and geography over time is wonderfully churned and emulsified in Elaine Khosrova’s ‘Butter’. I don’t think it gets much better than the smell and taste of browned butter and lemon juice as a sauce for a pan seared fish or butternut squash ravioli with sage. Or a buttery and flaky croissant wafting it’s seduction straight to your nose. Or a cold smear of butter on a baguette with a few sliced radishes and some caviar. Or chicken makhani (similar to tikka masala) with it’s spiced ghee tomato sauce! I’ve experienced a few butter tastings over years and after reading this book, ran out and bought several imported and domestic butters to compare again. Delightful storytelling around this beautiful treasure we call butter.”Elizabeth Falkner, author of Demolition Desserts